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Prohibited items

Refrigerators with full freon

Wet Paint

Paint cans with wet paint


Fluorescent Bulbs

Medical Waste

Industrial Chemicals


Asphalt Shingles

Fuel Tanks



Toxic Waste




Compressed Cylinders

Dead Carcasses

Human Waste

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Dumpster Rental Service in Montgomery County, Texas

These are not all the exceptions, so if you have a particular need, please ask. If you have fluids such as oil, brake fluid or hydraulic fluids, you generally can take these to a local auto parts store for recycling.  For wet paint, you can visit your local county websites to find out how to dispose of wet paints. Dried paints in cans can be accepted by our dump stations.

Our dumpster rental services in Montgomery County, TX, are designed for household junk and clean out. If you are looking for larger commercial dumpsters for roofing or home building, please contact us for a referral to a local business who can accommodate you. We can allow small construction products such as lumber, sheetrock, glass, but just not heavy items such as large amounts of tile, concrete, bricks, and shingles. Our allowed dumpster weight is 3000 pounds max. There is an additional charge per ton for overages in weight.

What about tires?

You cannot throw tires in a dumpster as they can damage landfill structures and equipment. ... Most auto parts stores and municipal waste departments will accept old tires to recycle them into asphalt and other industrial applications.

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Our Dumpsters

Don’t get those ugly dumpsters delivered to your concrete driveway.


Our quality dumpster rental services in Montgomery County, TX, provide you with clean-looking dumpsters that won’t turn into an eyesore for your neighbors.

Being that this could be in your driveway for a week, you don’t want to stare at an ugly dumpster. These 15-yard dumpsters are about 12 feet long. The dumpster box is 12-foot-long x 5-foot tall by 8-foot wide. They hold about 4 1/2-5 pickup truck loads. They typically fit on one side of a 2-car driveway.

We charge $369 for 1-7 days, with a 3000-pound weight limit. Additional days is $25 per day not to exceed over 3 days. Over the 3000 pounds is an additional $50 per 1000 pounds, not to exceed 5000 pounds in total. 

Delivery Options

We will need to know what your driveway or street looks like before we can deliver to your residence. A picture works great via text or email. We need to know things such as: Is your driveway on a steep hill? Can we park it in the street in front of your house? Is there a security gate? Is it a dirt driveway? Are there low hanging tree limbs that can damage our vehicles?

We are not liable for any damaged driveways, septic systems, irrigation, lawn ruts or damages from delivery, or removing any tree limbs in the way.

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