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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the rental costs?

We charge $369 for 1-7 days, with a 3000 pound weight limit. Additional days is $25 per day not to exceed over 3 days. Over the 3000 pounds is an additional $50 per 1000 pounds, not to exceed 5000 pounds in total. 

Can you deliver dirt to my house in smaller loads?

Yes - you buy the dirt and pre-pay it, we can pick it up and deliver it via our dump trailer. Most of those large dump trucks can crack your driveway. We can bring over 1-4 yards of dirt for you and dump where you would like. 


How fast can you deliver a dumpster to my residence or job site?

Typically, within 1-2 days depending on our availability. Reach out for an accurate date so you know what to expect. We deliver Monday through Fridays only – no weekends.


Does somebody need to be home at the time of delivery?

No as long as  very clear instructions have been given, such as a picture of your house driveway and where you want this to be stationed at for the week. You will need to sign the rental agreement and pay the $50 nonrefundable deposit beforehand.


Do you rent out any the trailers so we can drive them anywhere we need too?

No, we do not. Driveway Dumpster Rental, LLC employees are only authorized to move our dumpsters and trailers.


Do we need any kind of permit to have a dumpster delivered?

Typically, no, but you can reach out to your county and or subdivision committee to make sure if that is a concern.


Do you offer junk removal services such as you physically moving the junk to the dumpster yourselves?

No, but you can always hire your own labor by using the NextDoor app, CraigsList or other to find labor.

Can I fill the dumpster above the top if I run out of space?

No, we have a tarping system to go over the top so we can safely carry the junk to the dump station. Please do not stack anything past the top.

Can I throw a few tires in the dumpster? What is NOT allowed?

NO - Dump stations do NOT accept tires - You cannot throw tires in a dumpster as they can damage landfill structures and equipment. ... Most auto parts stores and municipal waste departments will accept old tires to recycle them into asphalt and other industrial applications. Please see the "Things to Know" page on this website for a full list of prohibited items allowed in dumpster.

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